Spotlight: Entrepreneur Laura Love’s Denver Home

This is an excerpt from “Entrepreneur Laura Love’s Denver Home”, featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and written by Jennifer Drawbridge.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 1.20.57 PM.png

Laura Love, founder of GroundFloor Media, a PR firm, and co-founder of CenterTable, a website design and development company, built her house with real life in mind. She wanted to create a home for herself and her kids that would also accommodate business and nonprofit events and entertaining. “I grew up in Oklahoma and went to school in Nashville. That Southern hospitality was central to my vision from the start. I wanted our house to be a real community space.” She took her architectural inspiration from many trips to Napa Valley. “I love the open living that Californians do so well, and I wanted to bring that here.”

Read Jennifer’s full interview of Laura by clicking here. Our team had the great pleasure of working on the exterior of this home to help create the outdoor living space Laura was looking for.

Madison Martin