2019 Exterior Design Trends

Nisho is based in Denver, CO, which means we don’t have to look far for design inspiration. Our local architecture and design industry is flowing with creativity and a passion to push the limits of design. With the city outside our front door and the mountains in our backyard, we are surrounded by endless natural and industrial inspirations.

Nisho Fire Feature - Cronus

We appreciate simple and neutral colors in our designs, and love working with wood, metal, and concrete. These materials are earthy, raw, and industrial, and allow us to keep our features clean and neutral, providing structure to an outdoor space.

Nisho Fire Feature - Hestia

That said, a great outdoor space needs more than just structure. It needs to be comfortable and livable too. We encourage spicing up an outdoor space with color by incorporating plants, furniture, and other softscape elements. We think accentuating color - a lot of color - will be a big trend for 2019. Blues, oranges, pinks, and yellows will be popular for outdoor patios, decks, and rooftops this season. Choosing colorful furniture, canopies, umbrellas, plants, and more can really help a space feel vibrant and alive. Nisho’s neutral color options - birch, smoke, and carbon -  allow our fire features to serve as a great neutral base for your outdoor space, so you can design around them and truly make the space your own!

Madison Martin