Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space

Form. Function. Family.

We design our features and outdoor spaces with these three elements in mind.

Nisho Fire Feature - Notus

Form: The design of an outdoor space should integrate both the existing architecture of the residence or establishment and its exterior natural surroundings.

To maximize your space, blur the transition between indoor and outdoor. Features like rugs and comfortable furniture can bring that indoors feel to your outside area. A covered patio with large access doors can make your home and backyard feel as one.

Bringing plants and natural elements indoors makes a space feel more vibrant and alive. An ornamental tree or water feature placed outside a focal window draws the landscape into the home.

Nisho Fire Feature - Hestia

Function: An outdoor space should not only look exceptional, but function in a desirable way year-round.

Covering a patio can help keep a space warm throughout the seasons, and protect from rain and snow. Incorporating heaters and fire features adds not only a functional heat source, but also an inviting space for people to gather. More than just a beautiful accent of an outdoor space, a fire feature provides a place to gather and share in good times while staying warm and cozy.

Nisho Fire Feature - Pallas

Family: Whatever your family looks like, the landscape of your outdoor area should be a representation of it. Whether at a home, restaurant, hotel, or event space, a fire feature provides a centerpiece gathering area for people to come together and build memories. We all uniquely experience and interact with landscape, so it’s critical to construct a space that can be enjoyed by all friends and family.

A focal element, such as a fountain or fire feature, can create a pleasant aesthetic and grab people’s attention, but balancing hardscapes (such as patio flooring and walls) with softscapes (lush plants, comfy furniture), create an inviting and welcoming space where people want to spend their time!

Madison Martin