Nisho Installation Process

Nisho Fire Pit Installation

So you’ve decided to invest in a Nisho fire pit. Congratulations, we’re thrilled to help you elevate your outdoor space! But… what now? We’ve collected and answered some frequently asked questions about the Nisho installation process.

How does the Nisho installation process work?

Nisho does not offer installation. We recommend using a licensed plumber and contractor for proper hookup of the gas or propane units. The unit is set into place over an existing gas stub (unless you are using a liquid propane line). The person installing the Nisho will connect the line to the burner unit, place the key valve and fill the unit with the lava rock that is included in their Nisho kit. Then simply light the fire, and enjoy.

How long does an installation typically take? 

Depending on where the unit is going (rooftop or backyard), the unit can be carried to its desired location. Once it’s set, hookup can take around an hour and a half with a certified and licensed plumber.

If I’m redoing my landscape and want to include a Nisho fire pit, at what point in the process should I install it?

Once the gas line is stubbed and the patio below is completed, the Nisho can be installed. Orders have a 4-6 week lead time, so it’s important to plan ahead and order the unit well in advance so by the time it arrives, it can be plugged in fairly easily.

Are the installation costs included in the price of the fire pit? 

No. Pricing includes crating and shipping to the location; however, it is up to the homeowner/contractor to set the unit and hook it up for use.

At Nisho, we set out to create a unit that showed up as a “plug and play”. In other words, each Nisho fire pit includes everything you need, other than the gas line, to set it up, connect it, and use it. The simplicity of the setup helps offset labor costs to build a unit out of masonry and fit the proper burner size in place. All units have a custom designed burner for the design of the unit itself. 

Ready to elevate your outdoor space? Let’s talk fire!

Madison Martin