Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space

With autumn’s official arrival, the inevitable shift to cold weather is now upon us. Leaves are beginning to change color and drop, and the weather here in Colorado is beginning a slow descent into cooler temperatures. Fall is one of our favorite seasons at Nisho because we get to enjoy the change in the weather in our favorite outdoor spaces and make memories around the fire with loved ones. We’ve compiled our best tips below to help transition your outdoor space into a cozier, more festive space for fall. 

nisho fire feature

Start creating a cozier space by adding extra blankets around your seating area. Although we haven’t reached the freezing temperatures of winter yet, the nights are definitely getting chilly. Adding extra blankets to your outdoor space helps to not only keep everyone warm but also makes the area feel more inviting and comfortable. 

Food and drink bring people together and can be the catalyst that makes memories that last a lifetime. In the spirit of the cooler weather, try to incorporate warm drinks into your outdoor gatherings this fall. Swap out those cold Colorado craft beers for an Irish coffee or a hot chocolate to keep you and your loved ones warm and maintain the fall seasonal spirit. 

Stay warm while enjoying the outdoors this fall and treat yourself to a Nisho fire feature. We understand that lasting memories are often made around the hearth with loved ones, and our fire features provide a one-of-a-kind centerpiece to your outdoor gatherings. Nisho’s features are made from the highest quality products to ensure that they last a lifetime and can bring you and your loved ones joy and warmth for many years to come. 

This fall, enjoy the changing temperatures with your loved ones and make some memories outside. When you’re ready to elevate your outdoor space and keep warm, give us a call. Let’s talk fire.

Madison Martin