Modern Take: 5 Outdoor Must-Haves

Creating your ideal outdoor space involves coordinating many moving parts and establishing a tone for your area. As the experts, we know that this takes time and a lot of planning. To give you an idea of where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most important pieces of the puzzle when forming your outdoor space.

The Seating

When you’re creating your ideal outdoor space, establishing comfortable seating is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. No one likes to stand around awkwardly, or sit on an old crate pulled from the shed. Seating not only helps to set the tone and allows people to relax in your space, but also helps to form a central location for all of the energy and activity. Whether you choose to incorporate a modern outdoor sofa and chairs or some classic adirondacks, choose the seating arrangement and style that best suits your family and your space.

The Shade

Another massive piece of the puzzle is creating shade in your space. Shade is the key to making your outdoor space comfortable on hot summer days and making your backyard into a destination. Create shade that fits your space and style with an umbrella, a gazebo, or a modern canopy. Pro tip: Proper shade setup can also help keep the party going even during a short afternoon rain.


The Food & Drink

Please, don’t forget the snacks. Creating a space for food and drink in your outdoor space is often forgotten, but can really help to elevate the overall atmosphere. Nothing clears out a party faster than an empty chip bowl on a lawn chair. Whether you’ve created a full outdoor bar or are sticking with a classic table and chairs, it’s important to think about how you can creatively entertain your friends and family.

The Relaxed Areas

To continue setting the tone for relaxation and fun, try to create a space that is multi-functional and allows you to host a variety of activities. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue with your “ride or die” crew, or playing games and relaxing with your family, your space should be a functional and vibrant part of your outdoor setting.

The Fire Pit

The most important part of your outdoor space is the fire pit. Your fire pit serves as the centerpiece to your space, and Nisho creates fire pits that last a lifetime. Our fire pits provide luxury, comfort, and function, a rare and innovative combination that elevates your home. We help to create spaces with intention and a focus on upscale relaxation.

Your outdoor space should be created with the intention for relaxation. Putting together your ideal space doesn’t have to be complicated, and once your space has been created, it can serve as a backdrop to memories that last a lifetime.

Madison Martin